An up-close look at the 2017 YP Summit and Utility Management Conference

By Caroline Pakenham posted 04-07-2017 09:48 AM

An up-close look at the 2017 YP Summit and Utility Management Conference
Article Submitted by Jamie Langer, Rocky Mountain WEA

Traveling to Tampa Bay, Florida for this year’s Utility Management Conference (UMC) and Young Professionals Summit, I truly didn’t know what to expect.

What would we be learning?

Who else would be attending?

Am I even qualified enough to attend such an event?

I can honestly say that this conference truly surprised me and exceeded all expectations. The caliber and motivation that the next generation has in the water and wastewater industry is exciting. The agenda was full of presentations and trainings with topics that included, work-life balance, career planning, member engagement, and personality profiles. I left this training with tools to improve myself as a leader as well as how to improve my own young professionals organization back home. Most importantly, we learned from some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry such as David LaFrance (AWWA CEO) and Karen Kubick (WEF Trustee) how being involved in organizations like AWWA and WEF can propel you in this industry. What you give to AWWA and WEF will come back to benefit you tenfold.

Also at this conference, I was lucky enough to be selected to present the abstract “Creating Your Organization's Vision, Mission, and Values.” Getting to present at a national conference was nerve racking to say the least but definitely rewarding. I hope this story can inspire other young professionals to submit abstracts and put yourself out there.

So my conclusion from UMC 2017, TO ALL MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS: Encourage your young professionals to attend this event. The investment is worth your while.

Pictured left: Jamie Langer, Rocky Mountain WEA, presenting at the 2017 Utility Management Conference

Pictured right: Young professionals network at the 2017 Young Professionals Summit in Tampa, FL.