Community Notifications

The ‘Community Notifications’ page can be accessed by selecting ‘My Subscriptions’ from ‘My Profile’ on the main menu bar.

Community notifications (a.k.a subscriptions) are discussion posts sent to you through a  digest which is a compilation of a community’s posts from a single day or sent in real time - as soon as the discussion is posted. 

By default, notifications are sent to your primary address.  However, you can choose to receive some or all of your notifications at a different address by adding an override address.

You can control, on a per community basis, whether the discussion posts are delivered to you via a daily digest in real time, plain text (also in real time) or not at all by opening the drop-down menu to the right of the community name and selecting an option. 

Discussion posts can be added to a consolidated daily and/or weekly digest by checking the box under the appropriate column. 

With the Consolidated Digest, you’ll receive new discussions each day (or once a week) like you normally would, except they will be in one email rather than spread out across several emails.

Take note of the setting directly under the ‘Notification Settings’ heading.

Choosing ‘Yes’ will turn off receipt of a community’s daily digest (or real-time email) when that community’s discussion has been added to a consolidated digest.

Choosing ‘No’ will give you both a daily digest (or real-time email) and a consolidated digest.