Viewing Discussions via a Consolidated Digest

Consolidated digest are sent to your email just as daily digests and/or real time discussions are.

In addition to discussion posts, the consolidated digest will contain community announcements, notice of library entries (document uploads), events and blogs.

With a Consolidated Daily Digest, you’ll receive new discussions each day like you normally would, except they will be in one email rather than spread out across several emails. To read the full discussion or reply to a discussion, click on the discussion title and you will be prompted to log into WEFCOM.


1 Community in which content was posted
2 Content type
3 Link to content.  Clicking on the link will take you to the content in WEFCOM. You will be prompted to login in if not already logged in. If the content has been removed, the content area will be empty.
4 Link to attachment (if relevant)